We undertake turnkey installation of Fuel Fired & Electrically heated
Kilns / Ovens & Driers
Hot Air Generators & Air Heaters and
Metallic Recuperators for Waste Heat Recovery

The philosophy is 'Concept to Commissioning' whereby we get involved in understanding the exact need of the customer right at the beginning and endeavor to provide a solution rather than sell from a standard range of equipments.

For example, a leading Automotive piston manufacturing company had a problem of drying Aluminium Swarf. This is a byproduct while making the Aluminium pistons and had to be dried, melted and recycled. We developed a unique paddle type Continuous Dryer. In this unit, the material is turned around as it is being moved forward and heated by Ceramic Infra Red Heaters. The results were fully Satisfactory and we have a happy customer.

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